#Special edition - Behind the scenes of the podcast (ENG)

Episode Summary

Are you interested in a special edition podcast?

Episode Notes

Why a special edition?


For all these reasons, here is a special "behind-the-scenes" episode (episode without number).

It is also an opportunity for us to illustrate the co-creative atmosphere between the Love Health Center and The Podcast Factory Org.

Another non-profit organisation that is intensively involved in helping us to make the LHC project a success.

But who are they, who is The Podcast Factory Org? What is their history and what are their needs?

So we asked its board member Caroline, to come to the microphone to share with us what motivates them to help us, what drives them and to tell us more on their.

If you follow us, listen to our podcasts or participate in our activities, this special edition could be of great interest to you. Thank you for your attention and enjoy listening.

Sequences of the podcast. The interview questions: